Outdoor Living Spaces was formed in 1992 by landscape designer Jock Lewendon. The name change was a direct result of Jock’s increased interest in expanding his client’s living spaces in the great outdoors, regardless of how big or small. Prior to that, Jock owned and operated Lewendon Landscaping. He received his education at Rutgers University. He started out in the Forestry program then switched his studies to Landscape Architecture where he earned a B.S. in Environmental Planning and Design.

Jock is a certified landscape designer. He received his certification from APLD – the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. He has been a member for the past 20 years, serving as a regional coordinator for several years and as a former president of the NJ chapter of APLD. His clientele are based mostly in New Jersey, although he has traveled to Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

As implied by the company name, Outdoor Living Spaces, LLC looks to be very creative with the indoor – outdoor relationship. Where nature does not provide for floors, walls, windows, and other architectural elements as we know them, Outdoor Living Spaces will design and build pergolas, patios, seating walls, etc. Plantings will be used for screening, outdoor canopies, filtered views, shade and all the environmental and spiritual benefits plants give us.

We have designed many water features over the years, whether it was for the sound and visual effects of fountains and falls, or the enjoyment of fish and aquatic gardens. We strive for environmentally sensitive and sustainable design solutions. The design and installation of bog gardens and more recently rain water gardens, naturalistic plantings, the installation of large trees for shade, use of indigenous materials in regards to plant and stone, are all important elements in our design approach.